Mittwoch, Januar 11, 2006

too much - too many

Yesterday in the post. The book of cool arrived. One Book and 3 DVDs with 9 h of video material to become a specialist in Frisbee (guess I am already), Casino Skills, Street Soccer Moves (from the Netherlands - those guys rock), Street Basketball, Pen Spinning, Freestyle Football Moves, Ropes & Whips (take care - it`s dangerous), Skate & Blade, Juggling, Cards & Magic, Flatland Bike Skills, Rugby Kicks, Golf tricks & Skills, Bar Flairing, Pool Shots, Footbag Moves (gotta restart some training here), Street Bike Tricks, Breakdancing, Baton Skills, Yo-Yo and Scooter Tricks.

Let me tell you. It is overwhelming, it is more than amazing. See well done instructions in slow motion. In each discipline there is one or more of the worlds elite athlets and sportsman guiding through the lesson.

Learn the stuff we all really like, show the world what you are able to perform.

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