Sonntag, April 30, 2006

ideas about the system

From the movement for the culture of mass, here is to you: War on imagination II by Dune, edited by Xavier society for the blind, music by scratch massive.

The video is full of obvious and hidden information. I liked best the quotes from Mohandas Gandhi: First they ignore you ... Then they laugh at you ... Then they fight you ... Then you win.

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BillyWarhol hat gesagt…

i like the "girlz on top"*********


very cool beatz n imagery*

i wish video was faster on the web*

i have DSL - maybe not super fast DSL but still it took about a half n hour fer yer vid to fully load*


this is kinda a techie question - does blogger have a blogroll??

thass another thing i wanna add*

U got so much cool shit*

i wanna Tag Cloud & a Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee video & Everything!!*